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Omnipotent diesel engine oil-R7

BESQUA·R7 Omnipotent diesel engine oil

Packaging specifications: 200L/18L/4L

Implementation criteria: GB11122-2006

* Excellent thermal stability and oxidation stability inhibit the formation of low temperature sludge and high temperature sediment.

* Excellent anti-wear performance and anti-friction effect, prolong engine life.

* Advanced low-sulfur, low-phosphorus and low-ash distributors can prolong the service life of various tail gas post-treatment devices and improve their efficiency.

Excellent acid neutralization and TBN retention performance, strong anti-oxidation and thickening ability of oil products, long oil exchange period.

* Low evaporation loss, effectively reduce oil consumption.

* Suitable for all kinds of imported products or domestic high-grade high-speed diesel engines and commercial vehicles that meet the latest emission standards in Europe and the United States.

Viscosity Level: SAE 20W-50

Performance standard: API CJ-4 SAE 20W-50 ACEA E9-12

Mercedes-Benz MB228.31 Man M3575

Volvo VDS-4 Mark Mack EO-O PP-07

Renault RLD-3 Cummins CES 20081

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