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Hybrid Diesel Engine Oil-R5

BESQUA·R5 Hybrid Diesel Engine Oil

Packaging specifications: 200L/18L/4L

Implementation criteria: GB11122-2006

* Super smoke inclusion ability, effectively avoiding the wear and tear caused by smoke, oil thickening, oil supply difficulties and other issues;

* Excellent cleanliness and dispersibility, reducing sediment formation and keeping oil filter clean;

* Excellent grinding performance, reduce engine cylinder liner, bearing parts wear;

* Sealing material has strong adaptability and maintains super power.

* It can be used for harsh heavy-duty vehicles and long-distance transport trucks in industrial and mining areas, and for heavy-duty bus and passenger vehicles in cities.

Viscosity level: SAE 15W-40 20W-50

Performance standard: API CI-4 SAE 15W-40 20W-50 ACEA E7-08

E5-02 JASO DH-1 Cummins CES 20078 20077

20076 20072 20071 Mark Mack EO-M Plus

Man M3275 Benz MB228.3 MTU/DDC Series Classification 2

Renault RLD-2 Volvo VDS-3

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