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Long-term antifreeze antirust liquid


Packaging specifications: 18KG, 10KG, 4KG

Implementation criteria: SH 0521-1999 ASTMD3306

* German brand, Bayesian Shell Long-term Antifreeze Fluid uses advanced, long-term organic carboxylate technology patent formula, which can effectively provide long-term anti-freezing, anti-boiling and anti-corrosion protection for radiators and cooling systems.

* It meets the SH/T0521-1999 standard and has a long service life, providing long-term corrosion protection for all metal parts of the cooling system.

* In addition, it should be noted that the selected brand should be 10 degrees C lower than the minimum temperature of the vehicle environment.

* It has the properties of low freezing point and high boiling point, which can avoid the damage or boiling of engine cooling system caused by the freezing of calibration liquid.

* Good anti-corrosion and anti-rust performance to prevent corrosion of metal parts in cooling system;

* Good anti-scaling performance to avoid scaling in cooling system and reduce heat transfer effect;

* Good foaming and defoaming performance, avoid reducing heat transfer effect, prevent cavitation.

* Suitable for all kinds of automotive engine cooling systems powered by gasoline, diesel, LPG, CNG and fixed engine cooling systems.

* Widely used for lubrication of various parts of heavy-duty vehicles, and also for rolling sliding friction parts of large-scale high-speed motors, construction machinery, motor bearings, vehicle bearings and other mechanical equipment.

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