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Composite lithium base grease

BESQUA·Composite lithium base grease

Packaging Specification: 15KG

Implementation criteria: GB/T7324-2010

* This product has good extreme pressure grinding and corrosion resistance, can effectively prevent mechanical wear, and has good lubrication performance in water environment.

* It is widely used in lubrication of bearings and gears of medium-load mechanical equipment, such as cold and hot rolling mills and blast furnace accessories, steel-making lifting equipment in metallurgical industry, and in lubrication of mechanical equipment and friction parts of heavy-duty vehicles in mines and other industries.

* Widely used in lubrication of rolling sliding friction parts of various cars, large buses and various load vehicles, large high-speed motors, construction machinery, motor bearings, vehicle bearings and other mechanical equipment. It can be used in centralized lubrication system.

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