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BESQUA shell brand is originated from Germany. It is a comprehensive enterprise integrating scientific research,packaging, trade and import and export. The company is mainly engaged in the trade of base oil and the production and sales of  lubricating oil ,grease, brake fluid, antifreeze fluid and other oil products in China.

With the development of its business, BESQUA has been actively exploring the market in Asia, especially China, in recent years.Therefore, I was registered in 2011 to be responsible for product technical service and market operation in China. In addition to rich experience in the applicatian of petroleum products, BESQUA  has formed a series of products with its own technology. Each product is the result of successful cooperation between the company's technical staff and customers.
BESQUA consistent mission is that customer and market demand is the driving force for us to introduce new products.We have always followed this driving force to serve our customers, to find and develop better products for the market.

We believe that our efforts will bring convenience to our customers in both product performance and production cost reduction. BESQUA lubricants is proud of its global reputation.

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