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  • Common causes of engine sludge

    First, the bad habits of car owners: bad habits of using cars, improper maintenance of cars.

  • Why can't engine oil and diesel oil be mixed?

    Turbine oil and diesel oil can not be mixed, different engines have different lubrication requirements for oil. If motorists carelessly mix the two different lubricants, steam oil and diesel oil, they will not only cause unnecessary waste, but also shorten the service life of the engine.

  • What causes the lubricant to become turbid?

    Normal lubricants should be bright and transparent. If the transparency of lubricating oil has changed, it indicates that some changes have taken place in the lubricating oil itself. We should find out the reasons and deal with them in time. What causes the lubricant to become turbid?

  • What is the effect of air bubbles on lubricating oil?

    In the field of equipment lubrication, it is necessary to keep lubricating oil clean and control pollution well. The air also causes the "pollution" of lubricating oil. The lubricating oil can not only contain water, impurities or other oil liquids, but also avoid containing air, whether it is the foam on the oil surface or the bubbles contained in the oil.

  • What is the concept of base value in lubricating oil?

    The alkali value of lubricating oil represents the standard of alkaline substance content in lubricating oil. It is an index to determine the effective additive composition in oil products, to express the neutralization ability of lubricating oil.

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